Недогоняю. Какие буквы являются кодом комлпектации?
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    По умолчанию Недогоняю. Какие буквы являются кодом комлпектации?

    Надо для елкатс...

    Менеджер сказал ищи код с цифры "1" типа 1R, 1L...

    Имею три наклейки:
    1. в Сервис-книжке
    2. в багажкнике
    3. на обратной стороне коврика багажника
    (Пока в фотике, забыл конец, слить не могу)

    Имею расшифровку:

    VIN Number WVWZZZ3BZ1P204824;
    Sales type 3B30J1;
    Exterior color 8E
    Roof color 8E
    Interior trim code FP;
    Engine code & No. AWT 39163;
    Transmission code EHV;
    Date of production 22.02.2001;
    Model year 2001;

    Расшифровка кодов комплектации
    Код Опция
    5MA decorative inserts
    9Q1 multi-function indicator/trip computer
    4X3 side airbag front with curtain airbag
    8T0 without cruise control system (CCS)
    T6V components for base engine, unit 06B.A
    3L1 manual height adjustment for left front seat
    8E2 local interference suppression for FM/AMradio reception
    1YA without transmission shafts f. rear axle
    1C1 antifreeze up to -25 degree celsius tolerance up to -30 degree C
    4Q0 no flame retardent materials
    9J0 without supertone system and tone sequence control
    9Y1 outdoor temperature gage
    4B1 protective side molding
    L0L left-hand drive vehicle
    8TC rear fog light for driving on the right
    7P0 without lumbar support in front and rear seats
    3LC foamed film and fabric door and side panel trim
    7A0 without CD changer/CD player
    Q1A standard front seats
    1Z1 increase in initial standard fuel filling by 4 liters
    G0C 5-speed manual transmission
    VX0 without hands-free system
    0FG Mosel manufacturing sequence
    7X0 without park distance control
    8F2 side turn signal lights
    2WA without additional tires
    QA0 without child seat
    B0A component parts set without country-specific design requirement
    1ZC disc brakes, front (Geomet D)
    1D0 without towing attachment
    1RT nameplate set "1.8 T"
    6SD tufted trunk floor covering (dimensionally stable)
    1KD disc brakes, rear
    0G1 gearshift lever
    4R3 power windows with comfort operation
    7Q0 without navigation device
    8N3 windshield wiper intermittent control with rain sensor
    C5E steel wheels 6J x 15 offset 37
    7B2 12-volt socket in luggage boot
    1SA without additional engine guard
    6E0 without center armrest front
    9D0 without preparation for two-way radio installation
    4K3 radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
    3MQ Ibolours floor covering
    8NA without parking light warning light
    3FA without roof insert (standard roof)
    2PQ steering wheel for airbag system
    7QA without CD ROM
    2B2 additional exterior noise suppression
    1T2 warning triangle
    1E1 activated carbon canister
    E0A no special edition
    0GV emissions concept EU 2 (critical vapor pressure)
    4ZE black moldings
    4KC side and rear windows tinted
    H6S tires 195/65 R 15 V
    QJ0 without aluminum/chrome work package
    VC0 w/o remote-controlled garage door opener
    B20 type approval Turkey
    8GD alternator 90A
    6U0 without additional seals outside
    6EP additional body covers, stone guard
    9T0 without heated washer nozzles
    4SD left vanity mirror illuminated
    1EJ special identification plate
    4L6 breakaway inside rear view mirror automatically dimming
    7K0 without tire pressure warning light
    2JB standard bumpers
    J1L battery 280 A (60 Ah)
    3NZ rear seat bench unsplit, backrest split folding
    3GK without additional filler for plane trunk floor
    9M0 without auxiliary/parking heater
    4LA without controls
    C02 operating permit, alteration 2
    8WD integrated front fog light
    1N1 power steering
    U0C instrument insert with tachometer clock and km/h speedometer
    9F0 without sound combination for rotating emergency light and radio antenna preparation
    8X0 without headlight washer system
    4TD right vanity mirror illuminated
    MW8 4-cyl. gasoline engine 1.8 L/110 kW 20V turbo base engine is T0L/T16/T6V/T63
    1V0 without duty-free and cost-free tires
    0Y1 standard climatic zones
    1G2 steel spare wheel with original equipment tires
    5C0 without special body measures
    4U0 without luggage nets/pockets on backrests
    9FA without automatic transmission indicator light
    3X0 without load-through provision
    8Q1 headlight-range adjustment
    8AR radio "gamma" with removable operating panel
    7E0 w/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
    6W1 license plate bracket front (large)
    5K1 paint preservative (wax)
    0YD weight category rear axle weight range 4
    1VG installation parts for four-cylinder engine
    0JG weight category front axle weight range 7
    3Q1 rear headrests
    4UE airbag f. driver a. front seat passenger
    9V7 electronic vehicle immobilization devicewith anti-theft alarm system and passenger compartment control
    3B4 child seat anchor for child seat system ISOFIX
    F0A no special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
    8BG twin headlamp for left-hand drive with integrated high-beam headlight
    K8B notchback
    6A0 without fire extinguisher
    5RQ outer right rear view mirror: convex
    0K0 without alternative drive module
    5D1 carrier frequency 433.92 MHz
    3Y0 without roll-up sun screen
    8R1 center high-mounted stop light
    3J7 articulated and height-adjustable headrests for front seats
    6PA plastic hand brake lever handle
    1WC transmission shaft w/ 108mm in diameter
    0KA without stickers and badges
    9W0 w/o car phone preparation/installation
    8K0 without special low beam mode
    3QT 3-point seat belts with tensioner and height adjustment, front
    3C3 lap belt with retractor for the center rear seat
    5SL outer left rear view mirror: non-spherical
    8Z6 engine cooling system, type 2
    1X0 front wheel drive
    4GH windshield tinted with windshield sunshield
    1PA standard wheel bolts
    6Q1 plastic gearshift knob/handle
    0SC labels/plates in English
    0L2 electric throttle actuation
    8RM eight loudspeakers (passive)
    4W0 without cassette and CD storage unit
    9P0 without seat belt warning light
    N0P woven fabric seat covering
    9HA without additional malfunction display
    9A0 without taxi alarm system
    0DE installation differentiation for build status of vehicle class B5 (VW Passat)
    8KA w/o catalytic converter warning light
    3CA without partition
    6XN outer rear view mirrors: powered, separately heated
    8S4 two reading lights front, two rear
    V0A tires w/o specification of tire brand
    6Y0 without cruise control warning system
    1Q0 without mass damper for steering wheel
    A8S standard equipment
    0LA without special plates/stickers/ safety certificates
    1AT electronic stabilization program (ESP)
    4P1 rear floor panel module, type 2
    4A0 without seat heater
    3S0 without roof rails/roof load rack
    8SA taillight assemblies, standard design
    QV0 w/o TV reception/digital radio reception
    8L3 roof antenna
    QG2 no possibility of activating service interval prolongation
    2G1 insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel
    6R1 leatherette gearshift boot
    1BA standard suspension/shock absorption
    9AK Climatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc
    0TA without floor mats
    Нераспознанные коды
    WE5 P15 PH2 RCH

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    Всем Перцам - Перец Клуба! Аватар для Mex@n!K
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    По умолчанию

    Так они же у тебя уже все расшифрованы!
    Ты что-то конкретное ищешь? По кодам?

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    Россия, Тюмень
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    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от Mex@n!K
    Так они же у тебя уже все расшифрованы!
    Ты что-то конкретное ищешь? По кодам?
    ну например
    там четыре варианта тормозного диска:
    1. Для PR-1LT
    2. Для PR-1LC
    3. Для PR-1ZF,1ZG,
    4. Для PR-1ZС

    Менеджер по екзисту сказал мари наклейку и ищи код комплектации три буквы, начинающихся с "1" ...

    Вот я и впал в цикл...

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    Всем Перцам - Перец Клуба! Аватар для pavel
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    По умолчанию

    1ZC disc brakes, front (Geomet D)
    Резидент AVTOадаптер.RU

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    Россия, Тюмень
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    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от pavel
    1ZC disc brakes, front (Geomet D)
    аказывается этот код для каждого узла?
    я пошто-то думал что он единый на всю тачилу (на В3 почти все детали отбирались по двум буквам в вине... т.е. едино на машину).

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